Inventory Funding

Streamline Your Supply Chain with Inventory Funding

Innovative Inventory Funding Solution

Are you an online merchant seeking to optimize your supply chain and ensure a seamless flow of inventory?

Cash Flow Management

Smooth out cash flow fluctuations by accessing capital to purchase inventory when needed


Scale your business efficiently by having the capital on hand to expand your inventory


Customize your inventory funding to suit your specific business needs

Competitive Edge

Stay competitive by having a well-stocked inventory and fulfill orders promptly

Opportunity Seizure

Take advantage of opportunities for bulk purchasing or advantageous deals

Risk Mitigation

Reduce the risk of stockouts or inventory obsolescence by having the necessary funds

How it works

1. Fast Decision

Start by leaving us a funding request

2. Get funding offer

Within a mere 24 hours, you’ll gain access to your personalized funding offer

3. Invest in inventory

Get money, invest, access more funding when you need it

Dedicated team to grow your business

We are a full-service digital company

Ready to optimize your inventory and drive growth?

Contact us today and let Cetra Finance revolutionize your working capital strategy.

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